the lodger and ivor novello and it was SO GOOD

okay this blog post is going to have to be short because my binder and my mother are both screaming at me, "do your homework"
but, being me, i will ignore them, (and the rules of punctuation and captitilization [and spelling, apparently]) to write this because I just saw one of the best movies last night and it was so good and just...ah.

IT WAS SO GOODDD AHHHH. Okay it was so much better than the one with Laird Cregar and I HATE merle oberon I kept hoping for her to get killed it was so annoying. BUT THIS WAS SO GOOD. I was watching it in the middle of the night and I woke my dad up and said "THAT WAS SO GOOD" and then left the room. THATS HOW GOOD IT WAS.
I am shouting. I apologize. (but it was sooo good) Ivor Novello was so good as the lodger. He was the right amount of creepy and likable and he was so good looking. Then this actress called June Tripp played Daisy, the lodging house owner's daughter and she was also surprisingly good. I mean, usually in movies like that all the girls have to do is scream but she brought some well-needed depth to the character. And the way the movie was shot oh my GOD! the kiss scene has to top my list of one of the coolest, sexiest scenes EVER. And the title cards were so COOL.
I need to calm down.
The only thing that annoyed me about this movie was that there were way too many shots of the lodging house owners. I seriously fast fowarded through their scenes because they were way too boring compared with the rest of the movie. I thought the guy who played the father was Eric Blore for a second and then a few minutes in I realized he was half as good as Eric Blore and I was like "pssshh"
And being the juvenile preteen that I am, I liked this ending better. Because it was happy. But I can appreciate a bad ending at times when the story is right, but I was glad about the happy ending because during the movie you were totally on Ivor Novello's side the whole time.

And who wouldn't be?
Oh and I was reading about Ivor Novello and apparently he was gay so boo hoo but apparently he was some big composer so now I want to go out and buy his sheet music and take piano lessons.
This movie is so good. GO WATCH IT. Please. Even though it's a silent, and a lot of people have their prejudices against silents (personally, I love them) but IT WAS SO GOOD.


  1. Oh, don't listen to people who refuse to see movies because they're "silent" or "black and white" - they are stupid.
    Such a sweet blog post, really energetic! I'll have to skip away and watch it! Novarro don't look too bad, no... Many great, sexy men are gay, obviously. I've always loved Kevin Spacey, and then I found out he was homosexual. So was Stephen Fry, Gordon Sumner and Clifton Webb. Sigh.

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  3. Im agreed it really was so good i really want to see it all over again cause is really so good.
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