And it begins...

Not going to lie, a little nervous about my first post, though I'm more excited than nervous. But I think this idea is a good, yet somewhat tired, one. This is the only way I'm going to be able to share my obsession of movie with other people. I thought I would share my favorite movies. So here it goes!


I know this is probably the biggest cliche of classic movie lovers, but I stopped caring the sixth time I saw this movie. This really is one of my favorite movies. 
 My favorite part of this movie (comedy wise) is when Clark Gable is driving back from New York after he gets the thousand bucks from his boss, and he starts singing the way the guy who almost stole their bags was singing. That part really makes me laugh out loud. Another really funny part in this movie is in the beginning when Clark is on the phone with his boss, and he turns the conversation around after his boss hangs up, to make it sound like he won the argument. Oh, and Shapely! Believe you me, he was one of the best parts. And the sweetest part of the movie for me is when Claudette Colbert is still asleep, clutching onto Clark's jacket:

Two of my favorite actors!:D How could you not love this? And everyone did love it, because it cleaned out the 1935(1934? correct me if I'm wrong. I know the movie was made in 1934, but I think they won in 1935) Oscars, winning Best Picture, Actor, Actress, Directing, and Writing. Only two other films have gotten the "Big Five" to date. This is one of the only films I own on DVD, which is really saying something. Such a good film...
REBECCA (1940)
This was probably one of the first "classic" movies I ever saw. Gosh, I used to HATE old movies with a burning passion. When something in black and white would come onscreen, I would pretty much refuse to watch it or leave the room. Now, I watch so much black and white, the colorized things on TV seem especially bright. But that's off topic.
First of all, I would like to publicly ask why some people don't like Joan Fontaine? Why? What's wrong with her? She was a beautiful, talented actress. Would someone please explain it to me? I really just don't get it. This is my favorite movie of hers. Completely and totally. She played such a simp, and I physically cringe every time I watch the scene where she walks down the stairs in the outfit Rebecca wore for the ball. Oh God! What a ridiculously amazing scene. And Judith Anderson as Mrs. Danvers was the creepiest person I've ever seen in any role. Ever. Oh, and seeing her in Laura was the oddest experience ever. I spent the first 20 minutes trying to remember where I had seen her until I finally grabbed the computer and looked it up. 
Oh, and who other than Laurence Olivier could have played the tortured Max DeWinter? God I love Laurence Olivier. And George Sanders was very amusing as Rebecca's cousin. I was so excited to see him in The Lodger! I really have to see more of his work.
My favorite scene visually would have to be when Manderley is burning. It's just so amazing. Another of my favorite scence would have to be when Mrs. Danvers is showing Joan Fontaine (they never name her character in the book or in the movie!) Rebecca's old things. It's just the creepiest scene. Judith Anderson was born to play that role. And the mole on her cheek completes it :) (not that she is not attractive! just playing Mrs. Danvers she really played up her flaws.)


  1. Welcome to the classic movie blogosphere!!! Best of luck to you---I'll be watching. One favor, though: could you make your font a bit bigger? I'm old and can't read that small print. Kind of like Jack Nicholson in CHINATOWN when he visits the hall of records...

  2. Welcome and very nice post. I would agree with with C.K. Larger font please so I can more easily read you good post! -- Mykal

  3. haha sorry I love little font! is that better?

  4. Izzy: Aaaahh. That's better. Thanks. And again, good post. -- Mykal

  5. Really great blog start! Now I've read ALL your blog posts, haha!
    I love the color scheme on your blog, so many chickens out by having a black background (sorry everyone!), this off-pink background is really smooth to the eyes!
    You're great in finding nice posters to the films you review, I must say!

    About Joan Fontaine - do many people don't like her? Personally I haven't seen enough of her work to have an opinion. (And no, I haven't yet seen Rebecca! Hit me with a baseball bat!)
    Oh, George Sanders! One of my absolute favorite supporting actors. I bet you've seen him as Addison DeWitt in All About Eve? See another movie with Sanders and Laird Cregar, like in The Lodger - Hangover Square. A marvelous movie, such a film experience.
    And Sanders as a slimy bad guy in The Ghost and Mrs. Muir... He could pull it off! And who, other than he, could have the voice of Shere Khan in Disney's The Jungle Book...?

    One last note - I was just like you when I was your age! I totally hated (or, I SAID that I hated) old movies, just because I hadn't seen one and I had to have an opinion about everything. But then I saw Casablanca and Gone With the Wind, and then I was stuck. I was about 14 then, I think.

    Keep up the good work!

    Love //Lolita